A True Toxic Love

Sera and Rob were in love. The kind of love where they saw rainbows and butterflies when they were together. Every one who passed them by envied on their chemistry. The looked like they were a match made in heaven, their actions reflected how much each completes the other. Like how the world describes a perfect couple, they were the same.

But one day Sera walked away, shocking the world! Rob was alone in disbelief. His world just crumbled into smithereens. Without Sera, his world would never be complete. She filled in every gap it had and never let him know about it. The world pointed at Sera for choosing to leave Rob crumbled. They gossiped about her having an affair behind Rob, for which she chose to cut ties with Rob. They couldn’t reason why Sera would leave such a perfect man, who treated her well and cared and loved her too. Many called her crazy as they believed she would never find a match as Rob, many grew curious on the true reason, while Rob cried complaining on how much he did for her. He yelled how ungrateful she was for paying his love back with her ungratefulness. He promised the world , never to have another woman in his life, for Sera broke his trust in partners.

Admist all this Sera stood strong for she knew only she would understand her reasons to make the choice. Rob loved her so much, but she had to love her self more, she realized. The world is a dark place, he said, while he locked her up in the house. Men are bad he said when he pushed away all the men in her life. Attention is dangerous he said while he altered all her beautiful dresses. Attraction will bring in attention he said while he threw away all her make up. The sun will tan her soft luscious skin, he said, as he tinted all her windows. Hobbies will make make her want attention, he said while he took away all her hobbies. She just needs to cook, clean and look after the house while he fought the world to bring in bread for the two he said.

For a while, his decision was how he reflected his love she thought. But a while later, she sensed herself crumbling. She felt she was not pretty anymore, neither did she looked forward to another morning. Everyday was the same except for the chivalrous stories Rob told her of the world he fought. She felt she was trapped in a cage called love, where she has lost herself and yet can’t find words to complaint. She loved Rob but he was toxic, so now she had to choose to walk away because she loved herself or stay for the world who would never understand.

She walked away miles after miles, never for ones looked behind at the Rob who protected her from the world or the world who pointed fingers at her, who never realized Rob’s “True Toxic Love”

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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