Is cheating justifiable?

A few days ago, i did a poll on my instagram story, which asked ” If you would forgive if your partner cheated on you ?” And the result was very interesting. Among the votes i received, all the men voted for ” yes they would forgive”, while women replied ” no they wouldnt”.

I truely wonder why would anyone forgive a cheating partner?! Whats the point of the whole marriage if cheating was forgivable?! I spoke to a few who participated in the poll and their answers were truely an eye opener.

I do agree that people have different perspectives but these perceptions were really an eye opener. Most men who voted “yes” called love as an emotion that is uncontrollable like sorrow and glee. They said, its ok if their partner felt the emotion for someone else as long as they go back to them realizing their mistake. But all the women said, if their partner felt someone else to be better than them, they are free to go and never to have them.

This basically answers allot of questions which remains a question even today. “what do women want?”, “its tough to understand a woman” and many such statements have just been relaized. Women wants to be their partner’s priority by heart not just by actions. Women sees that, marriage is the ultimate win where she found someone who sees her as the best in comparison to anyone in this world. Therefore, she is precious to her partner, as being the best, for which she expects her partner to treat her the same way. Some women reacts to this with impractical demands and dominance, while others repay them with their best for being chosen the best.

But men on the other hand see love as an emotion that changes from time to time. And so, when they find the strongest emotion to someone, they get married but then, after a certain time, when this emotion changes, they find marriage as a burden. The reason why they said ‘yes’ to forgiving was honestly not considering their partners in acctual but it was them considering themselves and believing its ok for them to fall in love beyond their partners.

This thought takes me to the question what is marriage, isn’t marriage a promise to create a world between the partners? A small world with their sweet and sour moments? In such a world, if the partners dont prioritise each other then does the world even make any sense? Unintentionally, i also happened to talk to this female who hadn’t voted but upon seeing the results, spoke to me on why the men chose so. Her reasons were exactly the same as i mentioned earlier and she said it was ‘normal’ to fall in love beyond partners as ultimately its about being happy and some wrongs to the world may not be wrong for you. Though i didnt argue with her, i found it truly interesting to see how the world justifies dihonesty.

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