The real eye opener

We are all born alone and will die alone. We neither brings anything with life not take anything with death, just us alone traveling from one phase of life to another. Even relations be it is an illusion existing only when we are alive in this realm.

If all the above is right then whybare we taught to cherish the illusional relations we have? We get hurt when they use us, we get hurt when we realize how selfish and cold they are, but why i wonder? They are strangers who is an illusion to you and so what else to expect from them, i wonder? Why do we do so much for these strangers and why do we stay loyal to them when they are no one to us and will never be anyone to us.

Most of them realizes this and do not mind tearing us into pieces, using us and throwing away when they are done with us. But when they have things to gain from us, honey and candies flow off their mouths, love and care spawn in their hearts and we reflect in their eyes. We fall into their trap giving away every bit of energy giving them more than they can imagine. When do we learn and realize the fact that we are alone for a reason as that is how the world has created us and that is how things are ment to be.

I wonder why is everyone obsessed about having people in their lives when chances of them getting hurt is more then. Why do people dread about being alone when that is how we are ment to be. I truely wonder when people realize this and accept the naturality of being alone, they would not get hurt and the pain perishes atleast to the extend it is now. The pain of betrayal and the pain of trust which was an illusion to begin with.

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A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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