Changing Climates

I wonder what has happened to the nature, there was a time when I could just look at the calendar and tell what climate it would be on the outside. Now it’s like every day is a mystery to what is to come. We had rainfalls till January! Can you imagine JANUARY! It was supposed to be the end of winter! And the February is like winter, freezing cold, temperature reaching 12 and 13 early mornings and the humidity levels reaching 13 to 14 % during the days. Early mornings, touching water is like agony and unfortunately I need to get up as early as 6, while the temperature stands at its lowest, and start with my household works. During the day time the skin feels so dry that I now doubt if being an oily skinned person was an illusion that I had. I have never had dry irritated skin before and I have it now right on my T-zone! Thank God! I explore my beauty options and so I had my beauty researcher cap on and I came down with a solution of mixing my Aloevera gel and light moisturizing cream together and on it goes to my face, like 3 times a day. My lips burn even though I drink 2l a day! So lip balm goes with me everywhere. As for my daughter, every alternate day, oil bath is an addition I do for her as she usually have extremely dry skin.

The other day I was teaching my daughter about balanced reporting, so let me make this write up balanced too. This climate definitely helped me with my laundries. I need to do my laundries everyday as we do face water problems here and doing them in portions everyday help. This climate helps me be flexible about the time I need to put them for drying. One hour during the day time is more than enough for it to be dry and crisp! It such a relief!

I was observing that these climatic changes seem like more delayed than changed. Right now it feels like winter which was supposed to be in December which means our climates are 2 months delayed! So my daughter’s summer vacations will feel like spring breaks and when the actual heat of summer strikes she is going to have class! Oh god! Here comes a tough challenge for mothers! How do we keep them hydrated??!!  Anyways what choice do we have, I need to find a solution.

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