Better professionals or humans?

Today, i received a mail from my school about an amazing session they organised with one of our seniors and the current 10th and 12th students. They all seemed to have a great time which is obvious as she was a senior we all looked up to when we were kids. Thinking about which my thoughts took its flight.

Our school Alumni has people from all kinds of professions. We have pilots, doctors, lawyers, engineers, navy officers, military officers, CEOs, Charted Accountants, Artists and all kinds of professions known to man. But i truly wonder if being in a professional is what success is? I ask so because during our Alumni function, a few School Alumni members were introduced with a brief description about their profession and educational qualification. Of course, they were super impressive and would have been inspiring for the current students as well. Also I totally agree that they should be appreciated for their hard work and efforts to achieve it but I truly wonder about their profession being their only identification.

Today, in this world of depressions and crime, being a good human matters the most, if you ask me. People don’t know how to be happy while they work and work like machines till they break down. Broken marriages, therapies, counselling all booming at alarming rates, don’t you think this is because of a whole lot of confusion we humans have? We don’t know how to be happy, how to understand people, how to compromise, how to let go of our egos, how to prioritise and I personally feel its high time schools and colleges teach kids to do all this, not as academics but with sessions with people who may not be top notch professionals but people who understood the essence of life and can talk to these young minds who can be altered before setting themselves as stubborn hot heads.

Honestly, such sessions will also help the adults who struggle as a human as well. Of course there are Psychological professions who learn the minds of humans but as it is said, experiences are better teachers than books and lectures. In our school alumni, there are so many people who are non professionals, happy housewives, stay at home mothers, people not very “successful” and such. These people can share allot more wisdom that can be an eye opener to many like help people realise the value of a family, how being responsible for a child is and much much more.

Even now, sadly, this world revolves around money, name, fame, acceptance, appreciations and all such temporary concepts that basically doesn’t contribute much to your actual existence, while concepts like happiness, self consciousnesses, understanding and such contribute to you as a human. Rather, such non professionals can teach you lessons no professionals can teach you in actual.

We have this girl, of course now a woman, in our School Alumni; she has 3 beautiful children and she home schools them herself, a concept new to India. She can be a perfect example on management and responsibility because no professional knowledge can challenge the lessons learnt as a mother taking the sole responsibility of her children’s education along with the other responsibilities of her life. We, as friends, are super impressed reading her posts about her journey. We also have this other happy gentle man who has a decent job and is enjoying his life travelling and exploring his passion for photography. I particularly feel he can be an example to time management as he can manage his work and find time for travel and passion at the same time. There are a zillion other examples among us who can teach the growing kids lessons that can change their lives.

Life isn’t actually about saving the world or being a part of a great cause, but life is about small things that makes our lives feel complete. More than grades, money and job; happiness, mental peace and the feeling of contentment play a wiser role in it. The realisation that we should be better humans keeping our selves at peace and let others be at peace is most important than anything else at all.

Just an array of thought.

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