Are you truely beautiful?

“Beauty” is a term the world is obsessed about. You open any media today, you see stunningly gorgeous photo shopped non existing ideals of perfect beauty. But if at all we try looking our bests on the outside, make us truly beautiful? If so Does our beauty fade away when we age?

While the world surrounds the concept of a non existing perfection, they cease to see the reflection of true beauty from inside you. Skin, make up and the outer beauty fades away in time but the reflection of your soul just adds on to your charm when age lets you down.

You goodness, kindness reflects from your soul to your face explaining the unexplained charisma you see in people like Mother Teresa and such. Identify what makes you truly beautiful and stop chasing in the dark for the non existing.

Yes you are beautiful and will always be beautiful and all you need to wear is never an expensive make up or dress but a good soul that will reflect its glow through your smile and eyes!

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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