Would you Realise?

When I was a kid, my parents loved and protected me so well. As I grew up I started logically approaching allot of things and believed there is a cause for every action. Even when superstition was introduced to me, instead of dis believing it, I started exploring the reasons behind the blind belief and to a huge extend came into the conclusion that every superstition had a logical reason behind it which might not always suit the present world, but very well did suit the people and lifestyle then. All had a cause to every action demanded in the name of superstition though the reasons stated to the people never made sense.

I found it exciting to explore reasons to every actions as I enjoyed the part of enlightening people who were in the dark. From the shadows of my parents wings I came out to a world which was truly confusing. The right and the wrong confused me, as i found it difficult to differentiate the two. Even the choice of doing either was close to impossible to judge. Every action had 2 sides which were both right and wrong at the same time.

Years of reading and observation about life and people taught me allot of things. I learnt much beyond any degree and advice can teach me. I reached a point where not people’s words or expressions spoke, but their minds and intentions spoke louder to me. But at the same time I too grew up to realise that not all circumstances deserve a reaction, but sometimes time can do things the best.

I was happy and proud about the part of me that grew to this level of realisation. But life had a whole set of new realisations for me, the pandemic taught me. Today I realise, not all causes have a reason, if at all it does, it doesn’t matter if we are a cause to it or not. This pandemic was an eye opener to me. It taught me, life is short, really really short, we don’t even have a 100 years to live. In this life, we don’t have time to search for reasons to agony, but moments to be happy. Very limited aspects of life are in our control, so its best to do what can be done and just enjoy the moments we have.

In times like this is when good deeds come in handy, something i believe in. So if its in your ability, try never being a reason to someone else’s pain which includes yourself. Even being anonymous and hurting someone who in actual have done bad, is a bad deed in itself, as your words hurting them is a completely new deal than their action to someone else. “Its impossible to be so understanding” , my friend once told me. Well, then we should be silent if there is a slightest chance we may not know the entire story, I believe. A coin has 2 sides, is a famous fact. But a coin has a 3rd side too, the small surface around the coin , conjoining the 2 sides. A side, people, other than the people involved, will never know. So judging a scenario or a person or an action is a bad deed in itself, if we aren’t involved and our actions can hurt someone, i realise. At the end of the day, everyone does what ever they do to be happy even if we don’t understand.

In short, life is short. So, live in the moments . Enjoy every moment you can and help others do the same. After all the ultimate intended destination to every action is to be happy. Reasons to anything at all never mattered ever, as the past cannot be reverted but wishful thinking and action can definitely change the world.

I don’t know how many people would realise anything at all from this post, but if I can help one person think about this post, then I consider this as a good deed I did today.

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