The Timeless World of Reflection

Meera looked into the mirror and corrected her black framed round glasses. She smiled at herself with confidence and hopped away to work. By the evening, she returned all tired. Removing her round glasses she looked into the mirror. Her tired eyes were staring back at her. ” Why doesn’t the world see my beauty”Continue reading “The Timeless World of Reflection”


It was raining outside, Stan looked out his bus window to see the drenched city of France. He distantly watched couples romantically cooping-up in an umbrella as they walked down the streets. Suddenly, the bus screeched to a stop. It seemed an old lady had collapsed on the road. People gushed out the bus toContinue reading “Unforgettable”

A Gold fish who dreamt of the Ocean

Audio story Story Nala lived in a beautiful Fish tank with her 7 other golden friends and 1 black friend. they had the most vibrant habitat ever. Neon UV lights making every colour in her tank bright, wide variety of natural plants, beautiful moss rocks, and a huge castle with neon bubbles popping out. ButContinue reading “A Gold fish who dreamt of the Ocean”