Sale copy sample

* Yummily Vaccinated** Deliciously Vaccinated**  Treats for shots!** You get the shots, we get you the treats!** Inaugural offer! ** Vaccinated? We pay the half for you!** We pay the half for you offer** Fight corona with a treat*


Are you vaccinated? If no, HURRY! Get Vaccinated now! <name> to launch @<venue>, on <date> with an exclusive 50% off for just being CORONA VACCINATED! The offer is just for the day! Hurry!*

* <date>, <name> is all set to open its doors @<venue>As the cherry in the cake, we are offering a 50% off for being Corona Vaccinated! Offer, valid just for the day! Hurry!*
*  * Drum rolls* <name>all set to open our door for you on <date> @ <venue>  with an amazing 1st day offer of a 50%off for being Corona Vaccinated! This is our way to fight Corona with you!*

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