Customer feedback form samples

Name:  <name>              

Email: <email address>

Phone number: <number>

So, do you like us?

  • I love you!
  • Hmm, need a moment to think.

You liked our collection?

  • Can I have them all please?
  • A little from here and there.
  • Not even if they were for free!

What do you think about our price?

  • Cherry on the cake!
  • Still at bay
  • I prefer to hang myself.

How was our service?

  • Happy tears just ran off my eyes!!!
  • I think I smiled.
  • I just went into a depression.

How would you describe our store?

  • Heaven on earth!
  • Just another store.
  • Suicide point!

Would you visit us again?

  • I am not even leaving!
  • May be not everyday!
  • Is this the last store on the planet?

How did you know about us?

  • A little birdie told me
  • I stare at hoardings while driving
  • Internet, of course!
  • While gossiping
  • From the paper that has news in it.
  • (How else?)____________

Do you have any suggestions?

  • NO! You are perfect!
  • Yes, and that would be_________________

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