Ad content samples

<Sample 1>

After achieving a massive success and an enormous stack of happy customers in <place>, <name> is all set to enter <place>. With Bed linens, curtains, rugs, cushions, antiques, home accessories and such being as good as perfect, <name> has by now been titled ‘Ideal’. So, if YOUR heart believes that your house deserves the best, then here we are! For we can transform your home into an ecstasy! And now,  on < date>, our first day in <place>, we would be more than pleased to invite every single one of you to visit us and help us be a part of your homes.

<Sample 2>

Do you feel as a stranger in your own homeland? Do you feel it risky to decide on anything regarding your homeland? Worry not. With the launch of <name>, a true friend of a malabari, every NRI malabari is closer to Malabar that before. 

Through a free registration, <name> would provide any information about investments, health, education and more, as and when you desire. Besides, <name> also can plan your vacation to anywhere around the world leaving you with nothing to worry about.  So, register now and let us serve you the best!

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