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About us:

After rocking Dubai for 20 years, we, the Purple mice, have set our foot in India to sway the Indians hard. Being in the ‘Event Production business’, we deal with all classes of events as Product launches, Conferences and seminars, Award Ceremonies, Property and Restaurant Launches, Annual community Get Togethers, Company Staff parties, College Events, Exhibition sector and much more irrespective of the event being massive or petite. With international client and product line, we can ensure our customers with the best of the best audio, video, Lighting, Staging, Backline and Production needs as per customer requirement. Our dictum to provide our finest for a worthy price has helped us pile a huge testimony of customer satisfaction.  Besides, the quality we provide has always been ‘the cherry on the cake’!


`           Matches aremade in heaven, and when the two wed on earth, we, the purple mice, can bring down the heaven on earth. From, the vital decors, lightings and such, to special effects as fog screens, dancing fountains and more are all taken care of by our expert designers. With our experience and proficiency, we can dust in a little magic to make your ‘Big day’ the best day of your lives!


Behind every successful concert there is a company as The Purple Mice. An excellent concert involves excellent brains and technology for its making. Purple mice with its years of expertise and experience have exhibited their excellence in organizing concerts.  Events as “Dubai rain”, “Speed the bash”, “Aap ka suroor” and Bollywood world tour like the ‘Heat Live’ in Dubai, are just the few countable proofs to mention. Apart from this, ‘The Purple Mice’ has been more than obliged to work with celebrities as Paul Oakenfold, Sunidhi Chauhan, SEL, Sivamani, Shaan, Niladri, Sukhbir, Junoon, Pops Fernandez, Falguni Pathak, Lorna, etc. With its hottest and optimum technology in sound, lightings and video, Purple Mice ought to be the best of the lot!

Fashion shows

Colour, Design and Look merges to form a hit fashion show. This relates to both the product being displayed and the technical part of organizing a fashion show. We, the Purple mice, have expert panels that play with the three to match the theme of the product line and thereby bringing the true beauty of the models, on the ramp. With the finest technology, ‘The Purple mice’ play its cards to brighten the ramp at its best. So, a fashion shows in partnership with ‘The Purple Mice’ is a fabulous combination!


A corporate world has its own rules and style to follow. Even though a part of the real world, it is indeed another world on this globe. The word ‘perfect’ is a mere part of this corporate world and after years of handling corporate events, the expert team of ‘The purple mice’ has skilled in organizing completely ‘flawless’ corporate events. Any level of logical demands made by the customers is met with true commitment and creative approach thereby implementing the event to be better than expected.

Award Functions 

Blushing celebrities taking their awards as the crowds applauds them of their achievements, is the picture one gets on the mere mention of the term ‘award’. But the technical brains behind the huge award functions are the actual secret to their grand success. The purple mice, having organized innumerous award functions, can organize huge and petite such events combining their expert brains and technology to result the function to be a huge success!


Conferences are an integral part of our world. No conference, irrespective of the level of importance, must be intervened due to mere disorganization. Therefore, a conference in the hands of Expert event Organizers as ‘The Purple Mice’ is half way through success. Every requirement of a conference is met with the best technology and equipments. So let the discussions begin as ‘The Purple Mice’ serve you with the best!

Product launching

 A true expert can organize a product launch in a manner for it to be a huge success. ‘The Purple Mice’, an expert in product launching events, has organized a variety of successful product launching functions with the help of their expert panels and best possible technologies. With the help of design, sound affects, lights and such ‘The Purple mice’ knows how to tickle its audience’s interest buds about the product. So do you want us to tickle any interest buds?

Artist management

Wouldn’t it be simply fantastic, if there were professionals and celebrities for their events? Then, as icing on the cake, The Purple mice can provide you with that! With years of experience in this field of event management, Purple mice do provide their customers with relevant professionals and celebrities to bring in the finishing perfection to their event.


The summary would be that ‘The purple mice’ is an all in one package to provide the best possible solutions to your entire event related issues. So the next time you plan an event choose ‘The Purple Mice’, the best of the best, to have the best event ever! Remember, ‘The Purple mice’, is where “Ideas take shape”!

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