How to choose the right motorbike for you

Believe it or not, bikes have always been a man’s first love! They are very passionate about their little darlings and always be very loyal to them. But on the basis of purpose of the bike, budget involved, expectations of the bike and experience, one needs to choose the right bike to fall in love with it.

Since 1901, motor bikes have had a remarkable evolution. Considering the chassis, frameworks, engine power and other designs, bikes can be differentiated into the following:

  • Street bikes
  • Sport bikes
  • Off-road bikes
  • Dual purpose bikes
  • Traditional bikes

A street bike is basically built for the purpose of comforts. It can be categorized into two- touring street bikes and cruising street bikes. Touring bikes, usually have allot of plastic fairings protecting the bike from the dirt and mud thereby saving on the fuel. The seats of a touring bike are very comforting as it is obvious for ‘touring riders’ to ride on their bikes for lengthy hours. Cruising bikes on the other hand, even though is very comforting, doesn’t have much fancy fairings. The seats in these beauties are usually low and the legs are a little elongated to the front giving a comfy pose.

If performance is your choice over comfort then Sports bike would be your obvious choice. Sports bike have tremendously speedy and looks gorgeous with many attractive designs. They have many extraordinary features as gripping tires, light aluminum frames, powerful brakes etc. In a sports bike, you will have to lean forwards to handle the engine. The craze of sports bike has reached up to such a peak there are even models available with just the basic features so that the rider can modify it to their likings.

Traditional bikes are the basic “bikes” with engine attached to a bicycle. In this bike, you need to site upright as the seats would usually be parallel to the ground. These bikes are meant for beginners as it has average sized engine and the handling features are just the basic for the riders.

Dirt bikes are perfect samples of off-road bikes. It doesn’t have lights, extra mirrors and horns like any other bike. These bikes are light farmed and makes the riders experience in dirt very comfortable. It is best for trail and track riding.

A dual purpose bike has features suiting a dirt bike also have features as light, horn and such required to ride on roads. This bike is a beginner dirt rider’s choice. It does loose some performance compared to the off-road bikes but it does handle the roads too which the latter doesn’t.

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