How to choose the right motorbike for you

Believe it or not, bikes have always been a man’s first love! They are very passionate about their little darlings and always be very loyal to them. But on the basis of purpose of the bike, budget involved, expectations of the bike and experience, one needs to choose the right bike to fall in loveContinue reading “How to choose the right motorbike for you”

Unclaimed property laws in Florida

Unclaimed property, which is at times called the “abandoned property”, means accounts in financial institutions or companies that has inactive for over a year or more or has no contact with the owner. This may include cashier checks, money orders, traveler’s checks etc that has not been cashed, pay roll checks that has not beenContinue reading “Unclaimed property laws in Florida”

How the education system works in the US

The education system in US is quite different from the other education systems around the world. US don’t have a country level education; rather each state of the country has its own departments of education and set of guideline or rules to be followed by the educational institutions coming under them. Finance for each publicContinue reading “How the education system works in the US”