Sahayi, about me

Whether you are an NRI or a Marunadan Malayalee, we the Sahayi, are always there for you promptly to help you with your different requirements in almost all major sectors. We basically gather and store information so as to provide you with the appropriate information when demanded.

If you are willing to make an investment, we would provide you information about your investment opportunities irrespective of the size of the investment willing to be made. We provide on time support including all necessary information and suggestions so that you can scrutinize the whole matter before finalizing a decision.

With fraudulent services around, people especially the NRI’s are tend to be mislead, resulting in loss of time, money and peace of mind. Whichever decisions you are to take, it has to be made by being careful at your every step on the basis of reliable sources and suggestions. We, the Sahayi, are always at your service when you need us. Simply mail us and we would study your interests and opportunities available so as to advice you if to go ahead or have to halt. With real life experiences and expert researches, we have created this service not just for mere individuals but also for needful societies.

How genuine are the sources you rely on? How reliable are the information you receive? How true is the information you accept? How do you plan matters back home when away, considering even the confidential matters? At times, you receive information from various sources which still remains unclear and doesn’t assure the work to be done punctually. DO you have an idea of the upcoming investment opportunity in your area? Are you concerned about your kid’s educational future in this competitive world? Are you sure about the security of your family? If all or any these tensions bother you, you do now have a trustworthy portal to rely on,, that also includes allot of social responsibilities.

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