Sony Cyber Shot TX55

September is declared to be the month for the release of the world’s thinnest camera ever! Sony Cyber Shot TX55.  It is only 12.25mm thick but with the performance that can make people spell bound. Sony has used a new technology to have the best zoom quality and performance for Sony Cyber Shot TX55.

This ultra thin gadget provides with Full HD quality video, 3d and picture effect style and 10* zoom ability with excellent clarity and resolution. Technology as “By pixel super resolution” is a mere part of this gadget with the help of which 10* zoom ability is possible without the loss of quality. It ranges from 10*optical zoom to 260mm telephotos at full 16mega pixel resolution. Therefore, it can be denoted as a ‘reinvention of digital zoom’! Its maximum resolution is around 16.2 million pixels with features as picture mode that eliminates the requirement of any editing software. With Exmore R™ CMOS sensor, clear image is clicked with minimum noise even in dim lighting. It also has the ability to snap 12 megapixel still photos while capturing a video. Further more, this piece of magic has a super-sized 3.3-inch (8.3cm) Xtra Fine™ OLED wide touch-screen on its back panel to show off the images and videos shot.

The picture effect features in Sony Cyber Shot TX55 would be Rich-tone Monochrome, HDR Painting, Partial Color, Toy Camera, Miniature, Soft High-key and Pop Color. It has additional electronic stabilisation for the purpose of horizontal or vertical shake corrections. The Intelligent Sweep Panorama mode helps to click images up to 42.9 megapixel panoramas that can be viewed in HD TV to its finest quality. The 3D feature to this gadget is another remarkable feature. It clicks in 2 images consequently to one shutter click and thereby deciding the dept of the photo while portraying it as a beautiful 3d image. There are also other 3D features in it as 3D Sweep Panorama mode and Sweep Multi Angle in it to explore.

By September, it is believed to be in Sony authorized stores and website at a price of around $350. Apart from all these features, Sony Cyber Shot TX55 is also available in black, red, and silver and purple. Therefore with the release of this picture capturing revolution, creativity in photography would be in its user’s finger tips or rather pockets as it is also a slim pocket camera. Hail Sony!

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