Driver Max

Software Name: DriverMax

Developer Name:Innovative solutions

Official Website Homepage

<website address>


Software Category: Utilities and Operating systems

Software Size:3.71MB


Operating system: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Main Body:

Drivermax helps the users to back up all the drivers installed in the system and checks for the latest versions available too. It helps to download all the drivers from one place. It helps save allot of time and patience especially when reinstalling windows helps in avoiding inserting a number of CDs for the purpose and even in the case of lost CD. It even identifies the unidentified drivers in the system making it much easier for the user to handle the system.

It has a very slick interface and works very fast, effectively and smoothly. Besides the basic operation of backing up the drivers in the system, it does much more. This software, even though is free requires registration via email through which the key would be sent. This software gives an option to the users to update the Driver Max software it self along with the other installed drivers in the system. It also identifies the unidentified drivers and directs the user to much popular hardware. The most prominent and helpful feature of Driver max is the back up feature. It can easily, hazel freely reinstall the accidently deleted drivers. It also conveniently scans for driver updates.  It is very pleasing utility software and would impress anyone irrespective to newbie or experts.


<screenshot 1>

<screenshot 2>

<screenshot 3>

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