Face lift in Thailand

            Aging is a process no one can stop. As years fly by, out facial skin starts to sag, crows feet appear, wrinkle and lines appear, double chin forms and many other such facts happen. The sun we get exposed to only double our problems by. It also cant be ignored that other problems like, pollution, hereditary, personal habits, pull of the gravity, all takes its turn too in helping us age. To all these problems only a facelift is the solution. Facelifts in Thailand are the best place to achieve the best result at a very reasonable price.

            The first step to a successful plastic surgery is the connection between the customer and the surgeon. Every aspect about the surgery must be openly discussed between the two. It is important for the customer to be realistic about the surgery so that they do not expect ant miracle to happen. Mental stability and strength is also very important for the process to be successful. This process of facelift cannot stop aging. It happens at the speed it always does be it before or after the surgery. But facelift helps to restore its effects. It stretches and eliminates and wrinkles, make the skin stiffer and tight which by itself make the customer feel young. For facelift there is no limit for age unless they are not physically fit for the procedure. Rather the more the age effect is the better result is attained. Even after the facelift the aging process happens and wrinkle and those same problems can comeback in a few years, and then it is better to reconsider a facelift again. This process also helps to boost the self confidence in people. For Facelifts in Thailand, the doctors tells you around when you might need a reface lift again and will guide you on how to minimize the aging process and thereby have a much loner lasting effect.

            The surgeon also performs a number of steps before the surgery. They would want to check your complete body to see if there is any problem that would be an obstacle to the procedure in any way. They would especially emphasis on you blood pleasure, if your skin type has a tendency to scaring etc. You mental status is also important. The surgeon also will make sure the mental status of the customer is positive or not, also they do make sure the results expected are realistic or not. If not, the customers usually would be counseled to being positive. Photographs would be taken for medical purposes. After all these steps are taken, the surgeon then takes time to tell their customers about the procedure they are to perform like the type of anesthesia used, how experienced the faculty attending the process would be, what would be the end result, the risks involved, recovery details, preparation  the customer needs to do, everything is discussed in detail.

            There are a number of techniques on how to perform a face lift.

  • In the typical way, the skin layer is merely pulled back to remove wrinkles. But this is for a short period of time only.
  • The next “innovation” to this surgery that came was known as “deep plane lifts” which even pulled back the deeper muscle layers to have a longer lasting effect. This is the most common procedure adopted by the surgeons today is this technique but there is a chance for the patients to have a “pulled” appearance after the surgery. This happen cause, the skin and muscles are pulled as one matter but aging usually happens in the opposite direction.
  • The solution to this problem is the Bi-Vector facelift. This method gives a natural look; post operation as the side effects of aging is reversed exactly in its process. The muscles are pulled vertically, against the gravitational pull and the skin is then draped around.

            All three techniques are readily available for Facelifts in Thailand. Even though the best would be advised, the final choice is made by the customers for Facelifts in Thailand .The surgeon makes the incisions the front of the ear; know as the temple hair, around the ear lobe till the beginning of the scalp. In other cases too, it is made sure that these incisions are made in places there is natural crease folds or lines. After the incisions are made the skin is pulled outwards. The muscles are repositioned and at times certain excess fat is removed. The skin is then draped around the “repositioned face” and the excess skin is trimmed off. The incisions are then closed with surgical tools and the surgery is done. The surgery usually takes around four hours.

            After the surgery, there is a chance of slight pain, swelling, bruising which is common signs post plastic surgery. It would be instructed to use a cold compress for avoiding swelling also it is advised to elevate your head while sleeping so as to reduce the swelling. All the tips to recovery are instructed precisely before the surgery, for the purpose of preparation for Facelifts in Thailand. If dressing is done, it would be removed in two days. Incase drainage tubes are used, it will be removed the day after the surgery. Sutures are usually removed within five to ten days post surgery. The doctor would advice to avoid any vigorous activity and it would be better if there would be other people to help around till the recovery is done. It usually takes around two to three weeks for the recovery and the scare are usually not noticeable. For best results it is better to choose the best place as for Facelifts in Thailand.

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