Eternal Love

Photo credits: Dr. Sujith M Sudheer

I was sitting by the beach, gazing at the sea,
Watching the waves, run towards me,
With soft cold breeze, touching my face,
Playing with my curls and running away.
Dusk was the time and orange was the sky,
With shadows around, nothing felt more alive,
From one corner, the night crawled in,
And from the other, the day mixed in.
Magic in the air, while night and day paired,
I wonder why this magic, during the time they shared,
I realized it soon enough, a reason was there,
Their union in love was the magic in the air.

My thoughts took me to be one among the pair,
I felt their love touch me somewhere,
They wait for their beloved, every second of their lives,
And they embrace their love, when they unite.
For the hours and minutes of wait they do,
Their time in unity is pitiably few,
But still without a word of complain,
They wait for each other, deep in love like insane.
Their love started from the beginning of time,
I wonder how it flourished all this while,
Though decades and eras have passed away,
Not a nip of their feeling has slightly changed.

Extreme reveres are day and night,
Yet even though how do they not fight?
What makes them so deeply in love?
That even time could not bring a change in them.
The wait they do for each other in time,
Should be the reason, I slowly realize,
For they don’t have the time to complain and fight,
They embrace each other when they meet, every time.
How pure and earnest is this love I see,
I sense their love, spreading in me,
They loved each other from the beginning of time
And will continue to love for eternity in time.

Chanjal S Kumar

Published by chanjalsworld

A writer, blogger, Painting Artist who loves to express.

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